DIVERGENT – Red Carpet + Interview with Maggie Q & Mekhi Phifer & Audience Reviews! [HD] 2014

The Red Carpet screening of DIVERGENT was a blast! got to talk with Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer and a bunch of crazy fans. I also went for a longer format than usual with this video, so let me know if you guys like it!

DIVERGENT is a thrilling action-adventure film set in a world where people are divided into distinct factions based on human virtues. Tris Prior is warned she is Divergent and will never fit into any one group. When she discovers a conspiracy by a faction leader to destroy all Divergents, Tris must learn to trust in the mysterious Four and together they must find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before it’s too late.


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VAMPIRE ACADEMY – Cast Interview! [HD] 2014

I didn’t even get to watch the screener before this Interview, but the cast of Vampire Academy was still a pretty cool bunch. I met up with Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Dominic Sherwood to talk about their movie. Anyway, just watch the video!

Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, half human/vampire, guardians of the Moroi, peaceful, mortal vampires living discretely within our world. Her legacy is to protect the Moroi from bloodthirsty, immortal Vampires, the Strigoi. This is her story.

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GIMME SHELTER – Interview with Writer/Director Rob Krauss and Inspiration Kathy DiFiore.

I recently got the chance to speak with Director Ron Krauss about his new film “Gimme Shelter” and the Inspiration for the film Kathy DiFiore, who is the Founder of Several Sources Shelters. The movie focuses on a teenager named Apple who runs away from her abusive home. Upon realizing she has become pregnant, she is forced to decide what she wants for her future. Stay in a broken home? or throw yourself out into the unknown? This is a very different role for Vanessa Hudgens, going to great lengths in this film to shed her former Disney image. I’d say she succeeded. Ron recounts; “some of the viewing press have had trouble identifying who Vanessa was in the film!” And I’d have to agree. For a moment there, It took a while to click in that this abused girl on the big screen was Hudgens herself. The character is miserable! everything has gone wrong, she cant improve her situation and Just when she thinks nobody can help her, life throws her a second chance. Its a storyline which Ron Felt Passionate about telling, and one which Kathy experienced first hand growing up. As she says “I went through an abusive relationship, and I’d had enough! I just walked out. I only had the clothes on my back, and consequently I became homeless. I lost my dignity, and I had to speak to people I’d never have spoken to.” However, Kathy ended up changed for the better, she has gone on to help countless people who are in need of a shelter.


The story of Apple resonates with me because it weaves together bits and pieces of the social construct which I see everyday walking down the street. I live in a part of the US where Homeless youth are everywhere. You’ll see them asking for change on every corner, sleeping at the park or hanging around selling drugs. They have many stories but they represent just a small fraction of a larger demographic which spans all across America. Much like Apple or Kathy, many kids and young adults are victims of bad circumstances. We have to understand the underlying issues of homelessness if we are to try and address the issue. Truth is, of most of the adults I know are only a couple of pay checks away from being homeless themselves. So why be ignorant to the cause? The first step towards finding a solution is to generate awareness. This film does a good job at introducing the subject while remaining entertaining. The hope is that this film can give a behind the scenes look into the life of a person who has found themselves on the outskirts of society, and as Ron says, “hopefully the audience will then gain compassion and we can begin to work towards a solution. The film comes out Jan 24th! Make sure you check it out!

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Jarred Leto talks with Erin Sitt about the incredible transformation he underwent for his upcoming film ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. Making a return to the big screen as Rayon, a transgendered HIV patient who crosses paths with Ron Woodroof played by Mathew McConaughey.

This movie tells the story of Texas electrician Ron Woodroof and his battle with the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies after being diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1986, and his search for alternative treatments that helped established a way in which fellow HIV-positive people could join for access to his supplies.

Check out the interview and let me know what you think!

Check out the interview and let me know what you think!

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MACHETE KILLS – Interview with Machete! (Danny Trejo)

MACHETE KILLS – In some sort of dystopian future.The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer[Mel Gibson] who wants to launch a deadly weapon into space.



Meanwhile, In our Universe; I sit down with Danny Trejo for a chat on what it was like to film his second Machete Movie. Possibly the most badass and intimidating actor I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Machete Kills is truly worth a watch. Especially if you know what to expect from Director Robert Rodriguez [Sin City, Spy Kids, Grindhouse]

After threatening my life, I received one hell of a gift. Machete’s autographed Machete! Seriously Awesome, and a press junket I wont forget any time soon!

danny trejo, Machete, Erin Sitt

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THE SUMMIT- Interview with Director NICK RYAN & Climber PEMBA GYALJE SHERPA

The Summit is a bone chilling Documentary about the events which unfolded In August, 2008. What many say is the deadliest day in modern mountain climbing history. 18 mountain climbers reached the top of K2. 48 hours later, 11 people were dead. While memorials paid tribute to those killed, there were also condemnations about ‘the why.’ Why do these athletes risk everything to reach a place humans are simply not meant to go? The Summit is about the very nature of adventure in the Modern World.
Plot Outline
In August of 2008, 22 climbers from several international expeditions converged on High Camp of K2, the last stop before the summit of the most dangerous mountain on Earth. 48 hours later, eleven had been killed or simply vanished into thin air. Like a horror movie come-to-life, it was as if the mountain began stealing lives, one climber at a time.

At the feet of the heavens the body is literally dying with each passing second and the mind can play tricks. Morality in the death zone, above 8,000 metres, is skewed 180 degrees from the rest of life. When a climber falls or wanders off the trail, the unwritten code of the sport is to leave them for dead. Survival depends on self-preservation at all costs.

At the heart of The Summit lies a mystery about one extraordinary man, Ger McDonnell, the first Irishman to summit K2. His team leader left him behind in the death zone. His best friend on the mountain searched in vain to find him, rescuing several others. Ger’s final moments have been called into question by the last climber to talk to him alive. By all accounts, he was faced with a heart-breaking dilemma— at the very limit of his mortal resources, he stumbled onto a disastrous scene: three climbers tangled up in ropes and running out of time. Had Ger McDonnell stuck to the climbers’ code, he might still be alive.

In a century of assaults on K2, only about 300 people have ever seen the view from the second highest peak on the planet. More than a quarter of those who made it didn’t live long enough to share the glory or even tell the tale. They were killed simply trying to get down. The Summit is about the very nature of modern adventure. Those who survive carry with them a commodity to sell, The Story. This one remains contentious and fiercely debated, at the expense of the memory of Ger McDonnell and the 10 others who died with him. In this way, the monster of K2 feeds itself. As the legend grows, new climbers are drawn to test themselves against the deadliest mountain on Earth.

The Summit is told with all the tension, pace and suspense of a Hollywood narrative. The visual experience will put the audience in the boots of those facing life and death decisions on the mountain and show how a band of like-minded adventurers can be torn apart by the elements and the glory at hand.


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Just in time for Halloween WE ARE WHAT WE ARE has exactly what you’ve been craving!

The Parkers, a reclusive family who follow ancient customs, find their secret existence threatened as a torrential downpour moves into their area, forcing daughters Iris and Rose to assume responsibilities beyond those of a typical family. WE ARE WHAT WE ARE is a remarkable reinvention of the horror genre – a visceral and powerfully emotional portrait of a family bound by a terrible secret and driven by monstrous appetites.

Jim Mickle is the mastermind behind this phychological Horror Drama. “This isn’t just any remake, Its a re-imagining.”

Hungry for more? check out this additional footage featuring Bill Sage and Jim Mickle.

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