If you’re a creator of things then you probably realize that where you’re from and where you have been often have a big impact on your work.  Life is the culmination of experiences. Different paths will carve out who we are as we go forward. On this journey its important to have compassion and remember that no human experience is above another. It’s true that beautiful art can sometimes be born out of strange situations, but if you ever have the chance to attend one of San Francisco’s famous street events you will experience something that is unique unto itself. A celebration of culture, peace, awareness, and creativity. This week I got a taste of all that and more at the How Weird street fair! a festival dedicated to promoting the celebration of all things Weird. (How Weird is also a play on words as the location is on Howard street) Everyone is encouraged to come, throw on a costume and find out how weird you can get.

I think a lot of times in today’s world people care too much about what others think. It’s important to push past those barriers and really do what you want to do. Push past those societal norms, have conviction in your actions and don’t worry about it. Events like How Weird show us that a different reality is possible, but first we must let our guard down and start enjoying the surprises that come along with life. Soon you’ll find that everyone is just as weird as you.

ARTSEA: ep 7



Erin Sitt is a On-camera Host and Multimedia Journalist producing quality content for multiple platforms including TV, Internet, Radio and Print. Covering a variety of topics, including but not limited to; Politics, Art, Entertainment & Travel.
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